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CBS Inside Edition Host, Megan Alexander, Tells Haplous About Her Faith & Career in the Spotlight

Sometimes God really does have the funniest sense of humor. Almost 5 years ago, I was preparing to move to New York City to begin my first official job in television. It was around this same time when my relationship with God became truly vibrant for the first time in my life.

Just before I left for New York, I took a trip to the book store to buy some new Christian books and devotionals. When I arrived, I was amazed to see a book on the main display, front and center titled, "Faith in the Spotlight." I thought-, "Seriously, God?! Did you make this book for me?!" For that time period in my life, it was beyond perfect. Of course, I bought the book and ran home to start reading it.

I quickly fell in love with Megan Alexander's personal memoir detailing her journey to become a successful TV personality while staying true to her Christian values.

The chapter that resonated most was Megan's emphasis on the need for Christians to be influencers in today's culture. She keenly pointed out that in order for Christians to have real influence, we must first get a "seat at the table" to these spheres of influence, and must do exceptional work in order to get there.

As I finished the book and read the acknowledgments, I realized one of my friends who also works in TV had blurbed Megan's book. It turns out, they both started out their careers together hosting at the same local TV station in San Antonio, TX. I was amazed! I texted my friend right away and told her I absolutely loved Megan's book and was just now realizing they were friends. Small world! I loved the connection and figured that was that.

But God had different plans. Four years later that same friend would invite me to her intimate Bible study in New York with some of her long-time friends, none of whom I had met yet. When I arrived, who greeted me upon entering? Megan Alexander! God literally gave me a "seat at the table" with Megan after years of admiring her from afar.

Megan has become a friend and mentor, and I am so grateful to God for connecting us. Her story impacted me and I know it will inspire you as well. Click the image above to watch my full interview with her!


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