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“If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.”-C.S. Lewis

According to a new study, 60% of millennials are going through a “quarter-life crisis.” Can you relate to this? If you find yourself feeling anxious, overworked, empty, and/or dissatisfied with your life and you can’t quite pinpoint why, Haplous is here to offer different solutions than those provided by the majority of contemporary self-help resources.


For those of you who have the desire for more meaning in life but don’t quite know where to begin, Haplous is here to serve as both a community and resource-base to provide baby steps you can use to get into your comfort zone with God. He has so much love & peace to provide for each and every one of us, but it takes small decisions in the beginning in order to help that personal relationship grow.


Haplous isn’t just here to provide resources, it is here to offer support & love to those who are craving something more in life. We’ll break it down and make it simple for you here. Stick around to find out more.




Hi there!

Hi there!  


My name is Christen Limbaugh Bloom. I absolutely love Jesus and am genuinely “wow’d” CONSTANTLY by His immense grace & love. For a long time I tried to start reading the Bible but never really knew how to get hooked like so many people in my life were. That all changed one summer when one of my best friends gave me a devotional. That devotional became the first baby step I needed to start growing the deeply personal relationship with Jesus I had heard so many people describe, but had never experienced for myself until then. THANK YOU JESUS!  (literally). People began to notice a difference in me & I, in turn, started telling them about all of the books, devotionals, websites, & scholars I had stumbled upon throughout my journey to get to know God. And that’s exactly what I intend to share HERE with you.


I’m a millennial living & working in Manhattan BUT I'm originally from a small town in Missouri and am grateful for my Midwestern roots. I married my hunk of a husband this past summer (woo!). I drink iced coffee year round (yes, even through the brutal NYC winters)! Laughter is my favorite part of life. I love to plan & go on trips with my hubby, Audrey Hepburn is my life/style icon, and sparkles & twinkle lights never fail to cheer me up(anybody with me?!) 

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