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Cabin Fever? Try this Fun Activity for moms, daughters, sisters & friends from The Waverly Project!

Have you ever met someone and you just knew it was God who brought them into your life? That is exactly how I would describe my friend Molly Wills, the creator of The Waverly Project.

Molly is our first ever Haplous contributor! I am so excited to share this fun activity for you to try with your daughter, sister, mother or friend while we all look for positive activities to distract us from monotony in quarantine!! Below is more about this fun activity, Molly and the Waverly Project.

A message from Molly:

Hi there! I am so excited to connect with the Haplous community of women! I have been a fellow bible study leader here at Haplous and try and to see Christen as much as possible (now via FaceTime)! She is one of my best friends and I like to joke that the Holy Spirit introduced us. I will never forget us literally jumping up and down in her cute little New York City kitchen over our mutual passion for Jesus and women's hearts. God is so cool and so good. A little bit about me. I grew up in a christian home but my relationship with Jesus didn't truly bloom until I left my corporate job to start The Waverly Project. Leaving my "dream job" fashion seemed crazy. I found myself fighting fear and anxiety, daily. I was alone and financially insecure and my only option was to trust the Lord and let him lead me. Step by step. Day by day. Now looking back it was the greatest possible gift, building Waverly together. He planted my feet securely in him and I have been able to experience more miracles than I have time for, today!

What is the Waverly Project you ask?

A curated mentor-based community for girls inspiring creativity, purpose and service.  Our travel themed, "DIY" experiences and curriculum allow girls to get to know their own gifts and passions. God continues to give me glimpses of his deep heart for women and girls; how he wired us, how he longs for us to feel and how he built us to empower community. We find our identity in him. We connect to our gifts and passions by knowing Him. And my prayer is that Waverly continues to encourage girls to use their hands and purpose for him!

No doubt this time in history is confusing and challenging. But I do want to point out that as Christians, I sense God is giving us a special invitation; to prioritize spending intentional, quality time with him. We can do this by carving out moments to be with our daughters. To call a friend who needs encouragement. To pray with a family member that needs Gods love desperately. To journal about all that is good in our lives and to go to him with all that is weighing heavy on our hearts. He is making room for make room for him. One of the most amazing ways to be in relationship with The God of the universe is to use our hands and honor what he gave us.

The same God that designed the fish in the sea and the millions of species of flowers and trees...That same God wants to influence your heart and your hands!I love to bake but I have to admit my passion for baking evolved over time! So if you're sitting there thinking baking is not your about you try it again? For Waverly Workshop "around the world" we often bake as apart of the experience. And cake balls are a simple way to introduce non-bakers to baking! The idea is that you come up with your favorite cake-ball (truffle) inspired by my favorite creation, "the funfetti truffle". The base includes any cake mix (funfetti or any cake mix you have from a box) and one stick of room temp butter, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of water and tbsp of vanilla! Then add in dessert ingredients that you love! (chocolate chips, peanut butter, sprinkles, crushed nuts, candy! Get creative. And have a bake-off!


I want to encourage you to add soul filling, simple routines  to your day. It's a way to experience the presence of God and enrich your own life! Psalm 51 says, "Create in my a clean heart oh God, and renew a right spirit within me! Let this be the verse that inspires not only a clean heart but a creative spirit within! Love, Molly


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