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Think of these resources as a cheat-sheet starter pack for your journey to get to know Jesus. These sermons, books, devotionals and other Christian-based resources can give you new insight into God's word. I've also included other people to follow & some fun Christian entertainment! Take a looksy and find what speaks to you! 

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A good devotional has the potential to entirely transform the way you understand God's word & specific messages in YOUR life. These are my faves!

Here you'll find featured sermons and podcasts from my favorite pastors & Christian bloggers--you will NOT regret.

These books have helped me find guidance on relationships, purpose, anxiety, and other areas of inspiration--dig in!  


Our Haplous Bible Study Group has done a number of these studies. These are very helpful for digging in deeper to the Word of God!


There are so many amazing preachers, authors, and gifted artists who God has equipped to share His good news in unique ways. Here are my personal favorites!


We are bombarded with so many entertainment options in today's society. These resources have helped me recenter my attention to Christian-based forms of entertainment!

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