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The Haplous tribe just started our April Bible study ALL about the Armor of God! In the book written by Priscilla Shirer, she points out that one of the main strategies of the enemy (yes, the devil) is to DECEIVE you into believing that there is not a spiritual battle happening in YOUR life.

Yeah--there definitely IS a battle going on against you every day. But guess what? When you REALIZE & ADMIT this, the battle is halfway won! We have to understand our weaknesses in order to rely on the One who gives us Strength.

I know "I can't even" is a fun and silly catch-phrase, but...SERIOUSLY! The harder I try to be good, the more I realize how HARD it is to achieve true goodness. I NEED Jesus to get me through the trials and temptations of every. single. day.

I CAN'T EVEN without JESUS! You heard me. I proudly admit it. When I ask Him for help and when I OFFER Him control over my circumstances (as opposed to trying to control the outcome my OWN way) things ALWAYS work out better than they would have otherwise.

Wake up to your weakness. We all need Him. Have you asked Jesus for help today? It's never too late!


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