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You'll Start Living Your Best Life When You Do THIS

Our culture likes to tell us that we are STRONG. We are INDEPENDENT. We are ENOUGH. And hey...I understand this messaging comes from a good place...but to be honest, (and if you really think about it) these words are empty. We have each been designed by a brilliant Creator who has given us free choice in this world. I have found--as have so many believers--that you actually start living your best life when you wake up and realize--'Oh. I am NOT enough! Without HIM." We are learning in our Armor of God Study about all of the specific ways the enemy attacks us in our every-day lives. We fall prey to temptation, pain, fear, anxiety, frustration....all because we are NOT enough. Lucky for us, that is NOT the end of the story. Tap the link in my bio to find out what living your best life DOES look like.

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