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Wondering if You'll EVER Find "The One"?

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

A few years ago I had reached a point in my dating life where I threw my hands in the air and said “I’M DONE.” I was done with heartbreak, done with pretending like I "didn't care", done with hoping this time would be different only to be disappointed again and again. Not long after, I started my first prayer journal. I began asking God to give me a husband only if it was His plan to do so. I still thought I wouldn’t meet this person until my late twenties (or later), but thought, "I might as well start wrapping my head around the idea now."

During that time, I read a lot of books by Christian authors that completely transformed my perspective on marriage. Learning why God created marriage versus how society defines it gave me a new hope--but at the same time, made me realize how hopeless the dating world today truly was and still is.

Once God began highlighting what He wanted me to desire from marriage, I said, “Haha, Okay God--then you will DEFINITELY have to plop this guy right in front of me, because based on my experience, there is no way that guy exists.”

To my surprise, that's exactly what God did. Just one year after I started my first prayer journal, I met the man who would become my husband. And you know what I did when I met him? I friend-zoned him!

Why? I was waiting to get the “OK” from God. I had totally flip-flopped. Whereas before I NEVER consulted God about my dating life, NOW I was so worried about making a mistake, I was desperately trying to maintain control of the situation in fear of making the wrong decision. It was actually a phone call with my mom that pointed me to God’s answer. She told me, “Christen, sometimes you have to let go enough so that GOD HAS ROOM TO MOVE.

Thank you mama! That was my answer. Ten months later Sam got down on one knee and proposed.

THAT story--my love story-- is proof of God's faithfulness. Our stories are all very different--that’s what makes life with God so exciting!

I pray that my story can help encourage those of you who feel like you might never find “the one.”

God’s got a plan for you. Talk to Him about it! Ask Him to give you patience and to help you stay in His will. His plans are amazing--if we just GIVE HIM ROOM TO MOVE. Xx Haplous #babysteps #simplesoundperfect #haplous

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