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Why that "vent session" really WON'T make you feel better...and what you CAN do instead

Life is full of endless obstacles, and with those obstacles comes frustration. If you’re like me, you might verbally process your way through these obstacles. Full disclosure: this might be one of my BIGGEST downfalls. I vent CONSTANTLY. I do this not because I want to be a negative person, but because on some deep psychological level I feel like I get to the root of my frustrations by “talking things out.”

So what’s wrong with that? Right?

That’s what I tell myself. Maybe you tell yourself the same thing.

But then the Lord came knocking on my heart again (siiigh). BUT LORD--you SEE what’s going on here right?! Surely you can’t BLAME me for complaining?

Knock knock knock.

Wrong again.

Sam recently told me, “Don’t water the weeds so much. God loves you and He has a plan for you.”

HELLO. How easily I become distracted--what’s more painful to say is--how easily I FORGET.

Friends, I want to encourage you to remember this verse the next time you want to vent to a friend, parent, significant other, or mentor:

“Cast your cares on the Lord and HE will sustain you.”

HE and ONLY HE can sustain us. He and ONLY HE can truly make us feel better. He and ONLY HE knows what lies in our future.

Let’s work on this TOGETHER. Let’s remember that God hears our prayers, that He is NEAR.


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