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Why God WILL Let You Go Through Things You CAN'T Handle


Such a loaded word. I see this word & so many feelings & memories flood my brain. In college I was always so sure of myself, ready to take the world head-on. I thought, I’ll work whatever hours, perform any tasks, do whatever it takes to be successful.

Then I got a job as a field director on a political campaign. And HELLO reality--turns out I was NOT up to the task. The hours alone, (12 hour days/7 days a week) just took the life out of me. I was so discouraged, called my parents crying constantly asking if they’d be disappointed in me if I quit. I felt like such a fraud.

But then something happened. God put an incredible friend in my life who also got a job on that campaign. Every single day she would call me and would reassure me that God had a BIGGER PLAN & that yes, He still saw me and loved me through my pain. Wait--so God could actually see how miserable I was and NOT do anything about it? Uh--yes! But why?

Every single thing that happens in our lives is both an opportunity to lean on God & trust Him rather than choosing our way AND it is preparation for something else we will face in the future.

SO. Every day on that campaign I woke up, and I literally got on my knees and prayed to Him. It was an all-time low, and I’ve NEVER felt closer to Him than through those trying times. God let me go through that time, when I was put in scenarios I absolutely could not control, so that He could SHOW ME that HE was in full control.

Start thinking about how this can apply to your life. Consider that YES--He might let you struggle but it’s actually because He loves you! Of course He would let you struggle if it brings You closer to Him!

Ask Him to remind you to lean on Him.

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