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What Jesus offers is SIMPLE. Don't get it twisted.

HAPLOUS: ἁπλοῦς haploûs, hap-looce'; properly, folded together, i.e. single (figuratively, clear):—single. 1) simple, single 2) whole 3) good fulfilling its office, sound The relationship Jesus offers us is simple. He doesn’t complicate things, WE do.

WE put up walls. They look like shame, guilt, fear of rules, fear of judgment. OUR misunderstanding of God's nature is a deception used by the enemy. If he can trick us into thinking we have to EARN our salvation, OF COURSE we will be intimidated--that's an IMPOSSIBLE task! Stop complicating this relationship. Jesus's love is SIMPLE.

When I was looking for a name to describe the simple and pure relationship Jesus offers, I found the word Haplous. It is used twice in the original Greek writing of the Bible, once in Matthew and once in Luke. It’s an adjective meaning simple, without folds, without dual motives, sound, PERFECT. Jesus has one goal: to save lives. We too should have that ONE goal, no matter how different it looks in the context of each of our individual lives. Don’t get it twisted. Let Jesus’ will be done in YOUR life. Xx #haplous #thebabystepsblog #babysteps #simplesoundperfect

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Apr 19, 2019

Why am I so afraid to ask for specific things when praying?

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