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What God Likes to do With Your Mistakes

Did you know that God has the power and the DESIRE to transform our mistakes into evidence of His love and beauty? When you stumble, when you feel like you’ve failed yourself and Him, He can then show you that it’s truly ONLY HIM who can save you from yourself and from this world.

He literally can use your mistakes as a starting point for something pure and wonderful—YES REALLY. He can create beauty from the ashes of your shortcomings. In fact, He LOVES to use the most unlikely people to draw others closer to Him.

The apostle Paul literally killed Christians until Jesus appeared to Him and showed Him how lost He was . Paul then went on to be one of God’s greatest witnesses in the New Testament.

You guys. Whatever you’ve done...there is literally NOTHING He will not forgive...if you come to Him with a repentant heart. I’ve made so many mistakes in my life. When I finally realized what it really meant to let Him carry the weight of my sins, my entire persona was transformed.

People stated saying things like “Okay..what’s going seem SO happy lately.” I used to chase after the world and I felt empty. Now I chase after Him, and slowly but surely He has given me the desires that have been planted in my heart since I was a little girl.

He has a purpose for YOU. Let Him in so that you can start walking on this incredible adventure He has planned for you. It all starts with babysteps.

Xx #haplous #babysteps #simplesoundperfect

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