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What do your "Big Girl" Shoes Look Like?

What do your big girl shoes look like?

This week we are learning about the shoes of peace in our Armor of God Study by Priscilla Shirer. She points out that our feet should not only be GROUNDED in peace, but ready to GO out into the world to make moves for Jesus.

So, what do your GO shoes look like? For some of us, they might look like these fabulous pink numbers in the illustration above. And although these heels they look pretty, they are uncomfortable most of the time. Being a working girl can have its fun moments, but it's not always as glamorous as so many movies and TV shows portray. Personally, I've had many days when I just COULDN'T find the willpower to strap on the heels and the "can-do" smile.

I've had to learn (painfully) that I CAN'T do it all on my own. I'm NOT superwoman. I CAN'T say yes with a smile to EVERYTHING. God has taught me that HE is the One who has brought me to every mountaintop in my life, and it is HE who must sustain me through both the mountaintops and the valleys.

Now that I truly understand what it is to live with God's peace, living with a deep sense of hope even on the most difficult days, I've learned I CAN strap on the big girl shoes, even when I have blisters, because I have support system that is WAY more comforting than Dr. Scholl's (had to make the cheesy would too). ;)

Maybe you're a stay-at home mom and right now your GO shoes are actually a pair of sneakers that you wear to keep track of your restless little ones. Or maybe you're wearing slippers because that baby just WON'T sleep. Maybe you're a sorority girl navigating the ups and downs of college life and your GO shoes are a pair of trendy boots that you can't decide are really YOUR style or just an influence of the people around you. Or maybe you're recently retired and can't decide which shoes fit you anymore. You're presented with a new set of routines that are unlike any you've ever experienced before.

KEY TAKE-AWAY: The style of your shoes actually DOESN'T matter. But you know what does? The METHOD by which we put them on. Let's all be reminded to pray thankfully, with our hearts fully ready to TRUST God to lead us in our Big Girl shoes to the plans HE has made for us, along the paths He makes straight for us day by day.

Baby Steps are better when they are alongside HIS footsteps.

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