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Train Your Eyes to See His Hand in YOUR Life

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Have you ever struggled with feeling "connected" to God? This was a MAJOR obstacle I faced for a long time. I didn’t understand what people meant when they said things like “I feel like God’s telling me to do XYZ..” How do you know that? How do you feel that? Every now and then I’d have experiences I’d describe as “a total God thing,” but as far as feeling connected with Him on a daily basis—forget it. I was lost and had no idea where to begin.

My friend Anna, who I refer to as my “fairy GOD mother,” (get it?) 😇introduced me to a book called “When God Winks.” In short, God Winks are the idea that those crazy coincidences in your life are actually not coincidences at all—they’re God giving you a little wink so as to say, “Hey you, you’re heading in the right direction.” Another friend of mine calls these God’s “love taps.” It’s basically a cute way of saying that the Holy Spirit is trying to guide you.

This book is a short read and my biggest takeaway was an exercise where the reader is asked to write up a list of these “God winks” he or she has ALREADY experienced. This, the author argues, helps one to see how God has already had His hand on you. Train your eyes to see His hand in YOUR life. He’s been there all along. This book is a great starting point. Go to my "Books" section to check it out! Keep up the #babysteps #simplesoundperfect #haplous Xx Haplous

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