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The Word of God was Divinely Inspired for ALL Generations. That Means YOU

It’s not uncommon to hear people complain about the stories in the Bible being about ancient people with whom they have nothing in common. I’ve been one of them. But in hindsight, I know I was approaching the Bible the wrong way. I felt frustrated with my Bible time because I wasn’t inviting God to teach me while I read. I wasn’t ASKING Him to give me wisdom or to show me just how relatable all of these “ancient” people truly are. Everything changed for me when I used my Bible time not to feel better about myself, but as an opportunity to learn more about the nature of God. My heart had to change in order for the Holy Spirit to break through.

When you approach the Bible understanding that God Himself HANDPICKED each and every story, you start to wonder...okay..what IS it I’m supposed to take away from this? How can I apply this to my own life? God chose every story KNOWING they would teach us things about ourselves as human beings. And about His consistency in forgiving us time and time again. As Beth Moore points out in her Bible study, “Breaking Free”, the Bible is meant for ALL generations. ALL. That includes THIS one. So start asking God...”How do I fit into Your plan to help this generation?” And I guarantee He’ll help you through a story (or stories) in His Word. Xx #haplous #thebabystepsblog

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