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Stop Spinning & INSTEAD let Jesus Win

We just finished an amazing series at C3 NYC Church called Grace Wins...and it’s ALL about Jesus’s perfect GRACE that has the power to cover all sin, death, and hopelessness in this life. The story of Jesus is the story that is too good to be true. And yet it IS true! We learned today in our Armor of God study by Priscilla Shirer that when we accept Jesus, we obtain imputed righteousness...which basically means we receive Jesus’s very own righteousness simply by accepting His sacrifice. SO when God looks down upon us, He no longer sees sin, but rather He sees His beautiful and perfect Son.

NOTHING YOU DO, I repeat, NOTHING you do can EARN you a place in Heaven. In this world, we are taught that we must be our own masters and work hard in order to obtain all success. But salvation is different. Salvation is something that is already available to you, but it requires one thing: You have to make a CHOICE. You DON’T have to spin in circles to make yourself perfect to obtain favor from God..that’s our human nature and the world’s way of doing things. Jesus simply asks us to open our hearts to Him and to STOP spinning. One day at a time. Let His grace cover you! Let Him fight for you. Let Grace Win. Xx #haplous #babysteps #wednesdaywisdom #womenintheword

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