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“Then Haman said to King Xerxes, ‘There is a certain people dispersed among the peoples in all the provinces of your kingdom who keep themselves separate. Their customs are different from those of all other people, and they do not obey the king’s laws; it is not in the king’s best interest to tolerate them.’”—ESTHER 3:8 Sometimes people think being a Christian means you have to act a certain way. But I discovered when I truly got to know the heart of Jesus, he changed MY heart, and I became MORE loving, more ACCEPTING, more PATIENT with people. I still struggle daily to be better, but when I find it difficult to love people, I ask Jesus for help. Let’s be the Christians who people look at and say “Whatever she’s got...I want it!”NOT the Christians who people think are judging their every move. Let's love others in every situation, despite their shortcomings. Let's make Jesus proud. Set yourself apart by loving in bigger ways. Do the opposite of what Society and your human nature tells you. Humble yourself. When it's too much to bear, ask Jesus to pour HIS love into your heart. Xx #haplous #thebabystepsblog #dailyinspiration #esther

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