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Running out of Entertainment in Quarantine? Check out my recommended Christian Resources!

Is anyone else running out of books, podcasts, TV shows and other resources to keep yourself occupied at home during quarantine? Just me? I hope not!

The original reason I started Haplous was actually to serve as a hub for inspiring Christian resources that could help guide others on their journey to get to know Jesus. God blessed me with a blog along the way--but I don't want to lose sight of my first dream for Haplous--your GO-TO CHRISTIAN RESOURCE HUB!


I have dedicated an entire section of these resources RIGHT HERE on the Haplous website for all of you to explore and enjoy! On the Haplous Home Page, simply hover over the tab titled "My Recommended Resources." There you will find SIX subsections where I have mapped out the hubs for all of my favorite:

1. Sermons and Podcasts

2. Christian Books

3. Devotionals

4. Bible Studies

5. Christian Leaders (People to Follow)

6. Christian entertainment (including TV shows, Christian novels, and more!)

Below are 4 of my absolute FAVORITE resources which I highlighted for you all last week on my instagram stories :

1. The Bible Project: a FREE animation channel on YouTube which explains complicated Biblical themes in a creative and entertaining way -- CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE

2. A SERMON WE ALL NEED TO HEAR: "What's Really Important, Pt. 2" by Pastor Judah Smith --CLICK HERE TO WATCH

3. The Daily Grace Co.: online shop for Bible studies, prayer journals, & much MORE--CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE

4. The Zondervan NIV Life Application Study Bible: an incredible study Bible with tools to help explain historical context and bring life to the Scriptures --CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE

I hope you all will explore these resources and find what truly excites and interests YOU! If you have any specific material, don't hesitate to reach out with questions. Happy Hunting!



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"inspiring Christian resource" according to the Gospel of John on youtube:

" The Life of Jesus • English • Official Full HD Movie "

Happy Easter!

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