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Meet My Hot Honey: SAM!

Intro time! This is my soon-to-be-hubby, SAM. He is my best friend, the love of my life, but most importantly, he is a man after God’s heart. I didn’t even start praying for a “godly man” until a few years ago. I didn’t realize the beauty that comes from a relationship where both people put God first, and then each other. I also didn’t think that that person would be as perfect for me as this guy is. He makes me belly laugh every single day (mostly when he refers to himself as “DJ Salmon” in a DJ Khaled voice) <yes. Really 🙈.

He’s also an amazing listener, has the biggest heart and..okay I could go on forever and I’m still working on my vows so I won’t give those away 😉—but He pushes me closer to Jesus daily.

We are by no means perfect. But God brought us together, and looking back at how it all unfolded still brings me to tears, because it has shown me how well Jesus knows what’s in my heart. I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of our story throughout these posts—stay tuned! My story started with #babysteps, and yours will too. #haplous 📷: @mariahartephoto

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