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I was proud of Bachelorette Hannah Brown for THIS moment

I'm already receiving criticism about this article so I want to say this. I thought the way a lot of the men treated Luke P at the Men Tell All was downright inhumane. I think this show has the tendency to create a mob-mentality when it labels people as "villains." This article highlights the fact that Hannah could have used that mentality to her advantage to shame Jed, but she gave him grace below for more:

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Aug 07, 2019

I must say this article gave us many aspects to chew on. I also examined my position on my faith, where I stand in reflecting my Christian faith and am I ready to defend my faith. Ready to say 'hey, you kinda missed an opportunity to reflect Jesus the first opportunity with another believer and gave grace to an unbeliever. It's was good to recognize showing mercy, but you mistreated another IN the FAITH."

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