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I spent an HOUR today reading just EIGHT verses in the Bible. Here's WHY:

HERE is what trying to create your own Bible study looks like:

3 Bibles, 1 journal, a quiet room and an open heart.

I’m no Biblical scholar--I don’t even have a degree in theology! But I have been blessed enough to be given resources over the years that have helped me dig deeper into my faith.

One of those tools has been my study Bible. Here I have three different types of study Bibles. One is a Life Application Bible, which helps explain verses in a way that aims to help you apply Scripture to your life. Another is a Study Bible, which gives the historical, geographical, and theological context, and the third is an Apologetics Bible--which helps us understand difficult concepts that are often challenged by non-believers. Apologetics is the defending of the Christian faith.

I’m going to be using all three of these Bibles to help me think of thought-provoking questions for you all during our study of the Book of James. When we take time to CAREFULLY read each and every word of Scripture, the Holy Spirit can help us see the deeper meaning packed into every paragraph.

This morning I only read EIGHT verses, but spent almost an hour digging into the deeper meaning behind those eight verses. When we go to Scripture with pure intentions (i.e. to get to know God better,rather than simply for our own benefit) the Holy Spirit can begin to reveal God’s perspective shown through His words.

Dive in with us! James Study starts this coming Monday! Who’s with me?!

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