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Do you ever feel discouraged simply because nobody “gets it”? You’re facing an obstacle and want to tackle it the right way but simply don’t know how, and nobody else seems to know exactly how either?

When I first began feeling the need to make changes in my life, God was planting little seeds in my heart, but there came a time when I was like OKAY BUT WHO is going to help me harvest these seeds?! About a month later, my friend Anna and I moved into a studio apartment in NYC for a summer internship. We could not have been closer (we literally shared a bed--NYC peeps, I know you feel the struggle!)

Anna and I had become friends the summer before, but this time something was different in each of us. After our first day at work we grabbed a glass of wine & I opened up to her that I felt like I needed to start making some changes in my life, but wasn’t really sure how I could start.

Her eyes got wide and she told me that she had started having the same feelings about three months before that, and God had led her to read a book that then changed her entire outlook on life. Her enthusiasm for Jesus & her certainty about His plans for her life stunned me. I had never felt jealous about someone else’s faith, but for the first time in my life I thought to myself “Whatever God’s given to her, I want THAT.”

God used Anna, someone who was so similar to me, going through the same things I was struggling with, to show me that it was actually HIM who understood me, who saw ALL my flaws and still said I WILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT.THANK YOU JAYSUS for this girl!

God can do the same thing in YOUR life. Sometimes we have to be PATIENT about His timing, and VULNERABLE when those opportunities present themselves to let someone else HELP you.

Friends like these remind us that the most reliable friend of all is JESUS. Soak up His love for you.



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