HOW TO: Find God's Peace Amidst the Chaos

A lot of the chaos in our lives has to do with our own insecurities, fears, bitterness, and uncertainty about our relationships with others. NEWSFLASH: people are NOT perfect. People will let you down. Yes, even your family, even your spouse, best friends, etc. The only person who will NEVER let you down is.. Jesus.

Jesus is the answer. Jesus is our peace. Jesus is our Hope. Jesus is our light. Jesus is the friend we need, the lover of our souls that we crave. He’s the one who accepts us, who forgives us, and who has gone above and beyond to PROVE His love for us. Seek HIM above all else, and you will find the peace you are looking for. Xx #haplous #thebabystepsblog #dailyinspiration #peace 🎨: @molliepaperie

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