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How To: Control the Control Freak Inside of You

Raise your hand if you’re a control freak . Yeahhh...I think we all have a little bit of a control freak in us in some area of our lives. BUT I’m not talking about control in the conventional sense of the word.

When I used to hear that term I’d think of someone who was super bossy--the “Marge-in-Charge” type. And that’s not really me. I think I’m more go-with-the-flow. But then I started to get to know God more and you know what I realized? I was clinging on for control in EVERY ASPECT of my life. I had to control exactly how I spent my time, who my friends were, who I dated, where I lived, what I watched, wore, read, etc.

And you know what? I was MISERABLE. MY way was just NOT working. Then God showed me another way. People always say “It’s YOUR life,” but we actually weren’t designed to run our lives on our own.

The beauty of God’s design for us is that He gave us free will, but He did that so that we could then make the CHOICE to submit control to Him. To LET GO and to TRUST HIM to lead us ahead because GUESS WHAT--He already knows where that specific path is going to lead you, and He will NEVER lead you on a path that won’t end in ultimate joy.

You kind of have to GET REAL WITH YOURSELF. Is your way really working out for you? Are you ready to finally try HIS way? I’ve been there done that and I will be the first one to say HIS WAY IS ALWAYS BEST.

Give Him Control. One step at a time. More on this later, but for now, really consider what this means.

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