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Get Curious About WHO God Wants You to Be

"The Greatness inside of you is actually about OTHER people."

Straight from Pastor Alex Seeley's book, “The Opposite Life” which is all about how God’s calling on our lives and His Kingdom is actually the opposite of our human nature and perceived view of success, happiness, etc. Christmas is such a great season to be reminded of God’s opposite nature—He sent His son, God incarnate, to the world as a BABY. And not only that—this baby was born in a stable and laid in a manger. I don’t think any of us would have or could have imagined a story like that. Which goes to show that none of us can fully envision God’s plans for our OWN lives! Yes, God has uniquely created you. Yes, God has given you special talents and spiritual gifts. Yes, He has a plan for your life. But His plans for YOU are actually tied to OTHER PEOPLE. He wants YOU to use all of those things to bring others to Him. Start talking to God about this. Ask Him questions! Create a real dialogue rather than just listing off requests in your prayer time. Get curious about who God wants you to be, and who he wants you to help. You will be better and happier for it! Xx #haplous #oppositelife

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