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In college, the administration would periodically send emails touting how our university was becoming more competitive every semester. They were raising the standards for grades, ACT scores, volunteer work, etc. It dawned on me by junior year that if I had applied two years later than I had, I probably wouldn’t have gotten in. 

Transitioning into the real world proved to be even MORE competitive. Sometimes it seems there are endless hurdles to overcome in order to achieve our dreams. We let fear of failure or even comfort with our current situation hold us back from our true goals—the ones we had before gravity hit us. 

Can I fill you in on a secret? Your wildest dreams might NOT come true. Simply chasing after your dreams isn’t the secret sauce. BUT, I do have a better idea...


Instead of chasing after OUR dreams, we asked our Creator what HIS dreams are for us..

And what if we not only ASKED Him, but we said to Him, “Lord, I’m handing YOU the reigns. Take control of my life & help me to serve you and fulfill the plans YOU have for me”

You’ll probably find out His dreams are even bigger & better than yours


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