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Don't Be Afraid to Stick to Straight Scripture

The Haplous Bible Study is currently reading stories about men and women in the Old Testament. When the study book arrived, I have to admit-- I was a little nervous because I realized the study was simply passages from the Bible--no commentary whatsoever.

Can I just tell you? I have learned SO much more than I ever thought I would! Reading the Word of God on its own is so powerful, and actually a profoundly personal experience with God. Why? Because it has forced me to ask HIM the answers to aspects of these scriptures I don’t understand. It’s sparked more curiosity in me, and I’ve done more research on these questions than I ever have or would have had I  had commentary to accompany these verses.

Don’t get me wrong--I love having commentaries to help me understand context better. But this study has taught me that God’s word IS enough. Every person’s story has shown me that we are ALL human. There are good and bad parts to everyone’s stories, and despite our mistakes, God can bring forth fruit from all of our lives.

All this is to say--don't be afraid to stick to straight Scripture! We are spoiled nowadays with loads of wonderful resources to help us better understand the Bible. But have we gotten away from the beautiful simplicity of reading God's words and meditating on it? I think that's how it's truly meant to be read. Not rushing through it to tick off a check box, but, rather, sticking with those verses that stand out to us and asking God what He's trying to communicate to us through even one sentence.

I want to get back to that, and hope you all will be brave enough to join me. It can be daunting at first, but try not to overthink it! Just start reading, and don't be afraid to go slow. Don't be afraid to pause if something doesn't make sense to you! Take notes, come back to things. It's YOUR journey with God. Let Him teach you what He has in store for YOU.


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