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Could YOU Be The Answer to Someone Else's Prayer?

I asked myself this question the other day because of a recurring theme in my Bible study on the Book of Ephesians. Having read this book many times in the past, this study has personally reinforced for me the belief of many theologians, which is that the Bible always has new lessons to teach us, no matter how many times we’ve read it.

For the first time, my eyes have been opened to the message of unity in the church woven repeatedly throughout the message of Ephesians. In fact, it’s so prevalent I’m shocked I never noticed it there before.

I now realize that this theme of church unity probably never stood out to me because until very recently, I didn’t fully understand what “church unity” means at its core. I’ve heard the term “community” used countless times in church. But I’ve always associated this word with Bible studies and small groups.

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