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Have you ever thought to yourself, “IF ONLY I WERE IN A RELATIONSHIP” ?

This girl has! I used to get so discouraged, frustrated, sad and defeated about my dating life. I looked at people who seemed to have those perfect relationships and I envied them. My friends and I used to say things like, “I can’t WAIT to do travel with my future husband, spend holidays, have date nights, etc.” Sometimes it felt like our lives wouldn’t REALLY get started until we had someone else to share it with. Crazy right? But I think a lot of girls do this to themselves.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” --Ecclesiastes 3:1

God uses every season of our lives for a specific purpose, to shape us for a future only He can see.

When I started working in New York, I moved into a cute little loft apartment with a couple of girlfriends. We had an absolute blast. It was such a special season of my life. I spent countless nights bonding over popcorn and cheesy rom-coms with my roommates and loved every minute of it. What was even more incredible about that season of my life was having the opportunity to intentionally set aside time to spend with God. I’d take my Bible to coffee shops and just read scripture and journal, asking God about His plans for my future.

One day I was catching up with a friend who was a bit older than me. She was married and had a kid and said something like, “You’re so lucky to have this time in New York City to live in a little loft apartment with your friends. This is the only time in your life you’ll get to do something like this--embrace every moment!” She was right. I had always been so focused on the “someday” that I was missing out on the “todays.” I’m so grateful to her for making me realize how precious that season truly was.

THEN: Not long after, God, having the great sense of humor that He does, ended up introducing me to my future husband. When Sam originally asked me out on a date I literally said to my friends, “Oh no. This is going to mess everything up! Is this a test? Like--everything is FINALLY going so well and I’m content (for the first time EVER) just being single and spending time with my girlfriends and Jesus!”

But God nudged me forward. He made me realize that although He was proud of me for embracing the seasons of my life, I needed to realize and ACCEPT when He was introducing me to a new season.

SO--I went on a date with Sam. And today we have been married for three months and two days. And it’s impossible to imagine a season better than this one, but I have thought that way before and God proved me wrong--like He always does.

Frustrated with your circumstances in this season? Talk to God about it. Tell Him that even if you don’t understand what’s happening now, you know His plans for your life are perfect. Ask Him to take control of this season of your life, and every other one. Spend time with Him, and be thankful that He has filled your life with possibility and purpose. #babysteps #haplous

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Many thanks for this message as it arrived just at the exact moment in my life when I needed it the most. For whatever reason, I had felt that I was all alone and was fighting a battle that could not be won. Now I know I can turn my problems over to God and have him guide me, versus feeling it is up to me to find all the solutions to my challenges. Thank you!!!


I truly enjoyed reading this article. Powerful message provided confirmation and Insight into my life. I thank God this is my season for Spiritual Growth and to reap what I have sown, Thank you so much for the powerful word of God, Stay Blessed!

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