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Ask God to Help You Make the Most of Your Time During This Season of Isolation

"Have the guts enough to choose the things that matter NOW" --Beth Moore

I loved this quote from Beth's latest book, Chasing Vines. Ironically, I actually highlighted it before the craziness of the coronavirus truly hit the U.S. Now that is has, this statement has become incredibly relevant! The impact of this crisis is immeasurable. The lives its taken, jobs its upended and fear its spread is devastating to watch. Still, I am praying that God will bring good fruit out of this situation, and that people would be more inspired NOW more than ever to put their trust in God and to submit their ways to Him. As Beth points out in her book, we have all been INTENTIONALLY planted somewhere by God. But are WE intentionally growing where we are? Are we being His hands and feet, not just asking for blessings but blessing others as well? I am going to continue to ask myself this, but more importantly, I'm going to be asking God this question as we experience a season of heightened isolation. I encourage you to do this as well friends! Let's make the most out of every circumstance and direct our thoughts and questions toward God! Xx #haplous #growwhereyouareplanted #choosewhatmatters

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