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Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Ever had one of those moments like this: “Nah, I’ll just leave this here. It’s getting heavy and I’m really OVER carrying it.” God is ready to help you carry your overstuffed bag of worries, but you might be clinging a little too hard, not willing to trust Him to make sure everything inside it stays safe. We all have our own bag of items we want to keep under our own control. But what if these items are the reason we’re so worn out, so sad, so confused, so lonely? What if we let God not only carry our bag, but take out a few unnecessary items? Are you ready to do that? Can you hand God the overstuffed purse, trusting Him to get rid of the unnecessary things and maybe to throw in a few unexpected treasures? Here’s a life hack: what’s valuable vs. invaluable in our bags is up to HIM to decide, not us. We think we know which items we're going to need, but only God knows where we are heading, and He therefore knows which items are best for our journey. Try letting Him borrow your bag for a day. Ask Him to carry it for you, and wait to see how the items He puts in your bag will end up being the perfect tools you'll need for your unique journey. #babysteps #purpose #movingforward #trustinGod #foodforthought #christianadvice #babystepstofaith #haplous#workinprogress #faith #hope #inspiration

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When life is hectic I end up with alot of junk in my purse and the longer I wait to clean it out, when it gets to the point where I can't find anything, I end up dumping it out and sorting out what I really need and and what to throw out. I believe God does that in our lives sometimes, I mean He picks us up and sorts us out. He does it with loving care though...

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