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Are you Loving As Much as You Could Be?

Yesterday a dear friend shared an article about the trap of business in our culture. The author highlighted our lack of connection in today’s world because of our obsession with forward motion. SO TRUE. Jesus said: My children, our love should not just be words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action. (1 John 3:18). Does your life currently reflect this verse? Loving others well doesn’t require us to be superwoman—it just requires us to show up. Showing up can mean sending a simple text to let someone know you are thinking about them. It can mean leaving a stickey note with a smiley face on your co-worker’s desk. It can mean ACTUALLY just smiling at the woman ringing you up at Starbucks, or asking her how her morning is going so far. The good news is, loving others well doesn’t wholly rest on our shoulders. Jesus’s power, love, and energy is readily available to us when we feel we are too busy, too tired, or too indifferent to make a real impact on someone else's life. Ask Him to show you who in your life needs a little extra love TODAY. Xx #haplous #thebabystepsblog #babysteps

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