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I’ve now spent four summers in New York City.

My first summer, New York kicked me in the butt, in the very best ways. I learned the value of TRUE hard work. I lived with four girls who taught me that Christian girls lived the ACTUAL life of joy. And that Christian girls still have wine night.

My second summer in New York, I fell madly in love with Jesus. God blessed me with a friend who reminded me of myself, but who had an inner light that  inspired me to offer Him my heart the way she had. 

My third summer in New York, I started my first real job. I met the guy I had been praying for my entire life. I owned this city as my real home, and God gave me people who truly made it feel that way.

My fourth summer, I planned a big wedding. Today I leave my fourth New York summer. When I come back, it will almost be gone. I’m off to marry the man God chose for me a long time ago.

Thank you, Lord for this beautiful life, and for New York City.



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