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My name is Christen Limbaugh Bloom and I'm the creator of Haplous. I absolutely love Jesus and am genuinely “wow’d” CONSTANTLY by His immense grace and love. For a long time I tried to start reading the Bible but never really knew how to get hooked like so many people in my life were.


That all changed one summer when one of my best friends gave me a daily devotional. That devotional became the first baby step I needed to start growing the deeply personal relationship with Jesus I had heard so many people describe, but had never experienced for myself. THANK YOU JESUS!  (literally). My relationship with Jesus started to flourish when I finally took the pressure off MYSELF, and allowed HIM to transform my heart, day by day.


People began to notice a difference in me and I, in turn, started telling them about all of the books, devotionals, websites, & scholars I had stumbled upon throughout my journey to get to know God. And that’s exactly what I intend to share HERE with you.  I’ve created this page for people who are craving a deeper connection with God, but don't know where to start.


I hope these #babysteps will help each & every one of you. Jesus LOVES you! For real. He is an actual person who loves you. He also has a PLAN for YOU. Take your first #babystep and subscribe to the Haplous blog!

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