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What in the world is Haplous?

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

I stumbled upon a meme the other day that depicted a never-ending cycle of "waking up, looking at social media, getting sad, going to work, going to bed, and pressing repeat." I laughed--but also felt a sting--because I remembered the time in my life when that cycle rang all-too true.

A few years ago a dear friend gave me a book of devotionals that led to a journey which changed my life forever. For a long time I avoided praying and talking to God because I thought that everything in my life had to be in order before i came to Him for help. Foolishly, what I didn't realize is that the whole point of God IS His grace, and He is ALWAYS ready to listen, no matter how flawed we are when we come to Him.

Haplous is about the baby steps. I hope to help each of you who might not know exactly how to dive in to this. I'll be sharing everything from inspirational quotes, to devotionals, books, and (YES), straight up Bible verses that I hope will help you on your journey. Just as our name represents, we'll keep it simple here. #babysteps #simplesoundperfect



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