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TO EVERYONE WHO HAS NO IDEA HOW TO PRONOUNCE HAPLOUS (hap-loose)! 😹 A few years ago I had a random idea to make a simple bracelet. I wanted to give it an interesting name which meant “simple,” so I started googling the word simple in different languages. To my surprise, a Bible dictionary definition was the first search result. And guess what the word was? ✨ You guessed it! Haplous. Haplous is a Greek word used in two of the Gospels meaning, simple, sound, perfect. What was even WEIRDER is that the placeholder in this particular Bible dictionary was 573--which is the area code of my small hometown in Missouri--so I’m like ummmm OKAY GOD I HEAR YOU! What do You want me to do with this? ✨ Fast forward almost three years later and (no) I have not made a bracelet, BUT I have been blessed enough to start something here with all of you. ✨SO here is what I hope Haplous will be: 1. A place where your life can start to make some sense in a world where almost everything we are told by modern society is essentially the opposite of how God intended for us to live our lives. 2. A COMMUNITY! Yes. This is my greatest hope for Haplous. I want to hear from you! If you love a particular post or want to hear more about a topic or just want to say hey because you need a friend from afar--I’m your girl. Haplous is an extension of me right now, but I hope to make it a “WE.” God has done so much in my life over the past three years and I want all of you to be able to access that type of transformation in your own lives. So I’m here! Keeping things simple for ya 😉

Xx Christen HAPLOUS

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Ok nice story there. I believe the word haplous also means to be whole without mixture.

Me gusta

So, this site is for women only?

Me gusta
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