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Looking for a resource to answer questions about your faith?

Have you ever had doubts about Christianity? Or even if you haven't, have you ever been stumped by someone who was attacking your Christian faith? This book, "Jesus on Trial" is an incredible resource and Amazon has chosen it this week for the dollar book club, meaning YES! This week ONLY its is on sale for $1.00!!! Take advantage of this as we head into this Easter season!

FULL DISCLOSURE: My AMAZING dad is the author of this book! In this book he shares his own doubts he had as a young man and the pieces of evidence in the Bible that ultimately led him to his unshakable faith in Jesus.

My dad has played a crucial role in my own faith and I feel so blessed that God gave me parents whose example allowed me to have a rock solid foundation even in my season of "hiding" from God.

I have also updated the "Books" section of the website to add a TON of new books for you all to dig into! Happy reading!!


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