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3 Steps When Life Feels Like a Routine

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

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If you’re in a season where everything feels like a routine, you feel stuck and ask yourself if anything will ever change:

1. First of all...THANK God for the LACK OF CHAOS. What a blessing this is. Predictability can seem boring at times, but try to contrast it with the stress that comes from the unknown. 2. Second, ASK God what He’s trying to teach you through this season. You might not get an answer right away. But you can receive His peace, patience, and HOPE while you wait. 3. Remember God is ALWAYS watching you. He has not forgotten you. But perhaps you’ve forgotten Him and His hand in your current situation? There are seasons of life. And the grass always seems to be greener. When we're in a season of waiting, we miss the hustle-bustle. When we're in a season of hustling, we miss calmer times. Surrender this season to God. Don't waste this precious time wishing for something else. God has specifically designed this season for you. Embrace it, and hey--even enjoy it! Food for thought today.

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